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Hope, Heart, & Healing

Control Over Your Challenges

Trash - I Planned On Throwing Away

Considered abstract as trash
But now I treasure what began my healing

Healing Artsy Paint

Believe In Healing

I could not paint after a Traumatic Brain Injury / Concussion from a car accident. I was heartbroken I couldn't paint or read anymore. Creativity was a slow process. I prayed, didn't give up, imagined it, and believed, "I got this!"

Choose To Laugh

I focused on the things I could do, like pray, take short walks, take baths, meditate through the pain, imagine, laugh, cry, and be patient with slow recovery. A brain injury didn't stop me from relearning to read, creating Artsy Paint, making memories, and spreading hope.

Small Progress Is Big

I was unable to read, focus, work, remember, problem solve, drive, cook, play, watch movies, or listen to music and audio. It took courage and heart to celebrate small progress instead of focusing on the things I couldn't do.

Daily Gratitude Helps

Writing daily about at least one "happy moment" changed everything for the better. I'm happier when I'm focused on what I have and can still do. I am so grateful for help from family, friends, coworkers, strangers, and God.


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